100 Mosques, 100 Families, 100 Champions


Annie Shafi
100 Mosques, 100 Families, 100 Champions

My Foster Family is getting ready for our Foster Friday season which will start from March 20th 2020 which will see events been held around the UK up and down the country.

This year we want 100 Mosques and organisations to participate so that they can hold talks to discuss the topic of fostering and how you could transform a child’s life.

Last year, we had over 60+ mosques participating in Foster Friday events all across the country  at London Central Mosque, North Finchley Mosque, Hounslow Central Mosque and many more.

Feel free to share the hashtag #fosterfridays2020 on social media or download our toolkit and register your interest to show your support for the event.

There is an urgent need to recruit more foster carers from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities to meet the cultural and religious needs of children coming into care.

The initiative aims to bridge the shortage of foster carers from ethnic minorities and will be running a series of Friday sermons on fostering at mosques across the UK.

My Foster Family, a bespoke not-for-profit recruitment and training organisation aims to attract a significantly wider range of carers into fostering and had a successful campaign last year with Foster Friday events being held up and down the country.

There is a growing concern regarding the national shortage of foster carers, with The Fostering Network estimating that some 8,000 foster families will be needed over the next 12 months. This means it is particularly important to reach communities who are less likely to consider becoming foster carers.

Shadim Hussain, CEO of My Foster Family, said: “There is currently a significant shortage in foster carers from the Muslim community. Foster Fridays give the community a chance to learn more about fostering from an Islamic perspective and aid individuals who want to transform a child’s life through fostering.”

For more information on all our events for Foster Friday and how you can get involved contact us today on: [email protected]

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