Christmas is around the corner


Annie Shafi

It’s started, the supermarket’s are stocking up, the adverts are in full flow and the Great British winter chill is in the air, Christmas time is nearly upon us.

Everyone would agree, regardless of culture or faith, it is a great time for spending quality family time, sat in your cosy homes, watching Home Alone 1, Home Alone 2 and the not so good final installment, while the snow settles on the leaves of the trees outside. But you have to bear in mind, there will be times when you have a child who might not celebrate Christmas, nonetheless, they shouldn’t feel left out.

For me personally, Christmas is a great time for the family to get together, slow down and smile. Everyone is either off from work or school. This time can be utilised to work on family bonding sessions so the foster child feels more at home. I think it’s one of the best times in the year to show your foster child that you care.

If you have extended family over, ask your foster child to join in the conversation so they can get to know the family better, while sharing stories that, no doubt, you may not have done over the last 12 months.

We should all respect different faiths and beliefs, above all else, we should always seek to take advantage of these opportunities to build more stronger family ties. Regardless of who you are and where you come from we should all look to reestore faith back in humanity.

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