Can i foster?


Annie Shafi

‘I want to become a foster carer but want to know what are the requirements’ that’s a question I hear over the phone at least 3 times a day. There are a few principal criteria and the rest vary slightly dependant on local authority.

The main criteria to be eligible to foster is having a spare bedroom, a decent level of English and at most a part-time job. We have to refuse most of the families who enquire due to their children (over age of 6) sharing the same bedroom. The local authorities class a child over the age of 6 to have his/her own bedroom.

If you have a spare bedroom due to your children over the age of six sharing a bedroom then your most likely not going to be approved. Some local authorities expect the spare bedroom to be on the same floor as the parents.

Another criteria for fostering is you need to be able to give time to care for the foster child. As a primary carer your main responsibility is to look after the foster child. Atmost the local authority would allow you to work part time, your partner who would be a secondary carer to the foster child can work full time.

To become a foster carer you also need to have a permanent stay in the UK. Typically a British passport or indefinite leave to remain.

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