5 Key Ways to Deal with Challenges in Fostering


Annie Shafi
5 Key Ways to Deal with Challenges in Fostering

Fostering  a child is a rewarding act in Islam and can give you the ability to transform a child’s life and provide them with a loving and stable home. Inevitably, there will be challenges in fostering that you can overcome with putting your trust in Allah and implementing these five key tips to deal with challenges in fostering a child.

  1. Communicate

If your spouse, child or any other member of the family does not approve of a decision to foster a child then speak to them about it one to one. Communication is key when making the decision to foster and you need to take into consideration the fact that your main concern will be the welfare of the child. Therefore, you want to bring the child into a happy, loving and welcoming home and this can only be done through communicating with family members and making sure that they are all on board from the onset.

  1. Address fears and concerns

If a family member has any fears or concerns either before or while fostering it is always best to address them and talk things through. It may be that just by talking things through you can dispel any concerns and work towards rectifying any existing or potential problems that you may face.

  1. Budget

If you want to foster care but are unsure whether you are eligible due to finances or feel that you may not be able to provide look towards your salary, incoming and outgoing expenditure and how much you would want to budget if you would like to put some money aside for your foster child. Remember that foster caring does give financial compensation to foster carers for the expenses of the child, however, this should not be the main reason for fostering a child as there is a lot more that goes into foster caring.

  1. Planning

If you want to foster a child you may want to plan ahead. Take a look at our website and the information on the site to further enhance your knowledge on applying to be a foster carer. You can then take a look at your eligibility and financial circumstances and start planning your foster care journey to transform a child’s life.

  1. Welcoming a child

Foster caring is a new experience for every new foster parent and it can often be a challenge not knowing how best to welcome a child into the home. If you have come this far and are at the stage of bringing a child to your home you are already one step closer to transforming their lives for the better. Relax and welcome your foster child with open arms!

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