Doubts about ability to foster?


Annie Shafi

Regardless of what we do, we will always have a silent voice in our heads. When it comes to making any significant decisions we will always have negative thoughts and doubts that will question our decisions.

Fostering is no different, when people decide to become foster carers or have the initial thoughts, they will have various thoughts that would question their decision or ability to foster. This is all normal, the main thing to look at is your underlying motivation to foster. all the families that get into fostering have one thing in common and that is the ability to open their doors to their homes and hearts to a vulnerable child.

For some Foster parents, this whole journey of parenting is new whereas some already have experience of parenting. The one thing you can be certain of is that on your journey to becoming a foster carer, you will receive support and training.

One quality that makes a great foster carer is having underlying care for the best interest of the child. People will always have their own style of parenting as long as the needs of the children are met, you can add your own touch to it.

Every child will have their own specific needs and the main responsibility of the parent is to make sure their needs are met and a good warm and loving home is provided for the child.

You will have a supervising social worker who will be there to check up on the progress of the child. They are always there to help you with any questions or issues you may have.

Fostering is a really rewarding as it allows for you to transform a vulnerable child’s life and give them hope. If you have any questions in regards to fostering we can help you with them.

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