I am approved to become a Foster Carer Now what?


Annie Shafi
I am approved to become a Foster Carer Now what?

Awaiting your first place can be an exciting time or on the other hand it can be nerve wrecking awaiting the arrival of your foster child.

But here are a few tips we believe would really help you before the arrival of your Foster child.

  • Patience

Once you have been approved to become a foster parent, you need patience as that’s when the waiting game starts. You might be told that there’s a child waiting and then it doesn’t come into fruition or that your foster child is supposed to join your family tomorrow but it gets delayed due to a court order not being given on time.

This can be disappointing especially when you are ready to welcome your foster child and it gets delayed. So a point to note here is just because you get notified that a child might be coming does not mean it will come into fruition when expected that’s usually down to court orders not being given on time.

  • Preparation

Just like anything in life we like to prepare as much as we can. Fostering is no different, but you are not expected to know everything. You will have a supervising social worker there to help and assist you and if you have any questions then they are there to answer them.

Just remember everyone wants you to succeed so don’t be afraid to ask questions. Before your placement gets to know other local foster carers who will offer you very practical advice.

  • When to say yes and when to say no

Whether you are new or experienced foster carer, everyone thinks about this. Don’t be afraid to say no to a certain placement if you feel that the placement will be hard for your family and the child. It’s better to know your boundaries and stick by them. There can be a variety of contributing factors making it a hard placement you can be picky in choosing your placement.

good luck with your journey and placement and in the mean time bbe sure to read our previus blog on 5 reasons why fostering is amazing.

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