Is fostering worth it?


Annie Shafi

There are a lot of people that want to become foster carers but have some reservations and understandably so, opening your house to a stranger is not a thing to take lightly. The idea behind fostering was to give the child a safe haven for as long as needed while the parents sort their issues out.

There are many benefits to fostering such as getting allowances but the main benefit of fostering is improving and having an impact on a young child’s life.

there are many reasons a child goes into care either the parents have their own issues or the child has been neglected or abused but whatever the reason is, the circumstance is out of the child’s control. Children that go into care truly deserve for foster families to come forward and fill the gap of love and warm home until the issues of the family are sorted.

It reminds me of an incident regarding a class fellow in school who had been driving his car recklessly and hit an elderly lady who later on passed away in the evening.

When it came to the court date the teenager was expecting to get a prison sentence, but what transpired on the day was heart-breaking and truly inspiring at the same time. The daughter of the deceased lady had written a letter to the judge wanting leniency for the teenager as her mother volunteered with youth and believed in second chances, she wouldn’t have wanted a teenager with his whole life in front of him to have it thrown away. The judge taking the letter into consideration had given the teenager a 6 month suspended sentence and told him he was one lucky man.

The story is off topic but the lesson was important, we have a chance as foster carers to give young children who come into our care a chance for them to become better individuals.  Just like a rose, we should leave a sweet aroma to everyone who comes in contact with us.

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