Nurturing your Foster Child’s Talents


Annie Shafi
Nurturing your Foster Child’s Talents

As a foster parent, you want to be able to nurture and encourage your foster child’s natural abilities whether they are good at art, crafts or sport, it is your role to help them develop these skills and excel in their talents.

Some children are born with a variety of talents and it is important to listen to your child and what they enjoy doing. Observation is key, therefore you should pay attention to what your child is good at and what stimulates his or her interests so that you can help to support them in progressing with what they enjoy.

It may also be beneficial to expose your child to a variety of activities so that they can develop new skills, learn new things and find what they enjoy doing the most. You may want to discuss activities daily such as asking what your child did at school, with friends and whether they would like to join any after-school clubs.

There are many foster parents who may would like their foster children to take up hobbies or interests that they may not be interested in. It is therefore important to ensure that your child is doing something that he or she likes to do and not do a hobby just because you like it. Nurturing your foster child’s talents is also about being patient, not expecting too much as every child is different and encouraging your child to attempt challenging activities which enables them to try new things and follow their passions.

On a final note, praising your child for doing well or achieving in any area of their life is key to their development. Offering lots of positive reinforcement and encouragement can help your child develop into a happy, successful and productive individual.

Try these tips today to spur positive development in your child’s interests and see your child bloom with prosperity and growth with their respective goals and future careers.

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