School Holiday Ideas for Foster Parents


Annie Shafi
School Holiday Ideas for Foster Parents

Do you want to make the most out of your child’s school holidays but are stuck for what to do with them? You may be on a budget or you may want to invest in going abroad to keep your child occupied. Whether you are on a budget or want to spend out here are our top tips for keeping your children occupied during the school holidays!

Tap into your children’s hobbies

Whether your child enjoys a game of football, baking or arts and crafts, the school holidays are the perfect time to get busy bonding by supporting your child with their hobbies. You may want to take your child to a football match, bake homemade cakes or go and create some wonderful arts and crafts. You can check out your local parenting group to see what is on or check the community boards to find out whether there are any schemes related to your child’s interests that you could possibly take up during the holidays.


If you can afford to do so you may want to visit another country or visit a local town for the weekend stay to treat your kids and yourself. The school holidays are the best time for a getaway but can often be expensive. Once you have your school holiday dates you may want to book your holiday well in advance which may enable you to get a good deal.

Visit a park

If my children are anything to go by, parks are a playing field for children and can occupy them for hours. If the weather is good you may want to take your child for some outdoor sunshine and fresh air or have a good walk. You may also find that children enjoy cycling in the park if they are old enough and may want to invite their friends to join them.

Go for a picnic

A healthy and delicious picnic often gets the thumbs up from the kids and can make for an enjoyable day out. You can find affordable picnic baskets online or may want to prepare your own favourite snacks and sandwiches to take for a memorable day out.

Get out the board games

Last but not least board games can often be entertaining and educational and it gives you a chance to bond and participates in a shared activity. If you haven’t done so already try playing some board games with your child and keep them entertained for hours on end!

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