Skills To Master As A Foster Parent.


Maariyah Ali
Skills To Master As A Foster Parent.

The number of Muslims fostering is dangerously low. Have you considered fostering? Learning how to be a good foster carer is multi-faceted, but we have compiled a few tips on skills we feel you need if you’re thinking of fostering. Fostering is a truly fulfilling experience, but not an easy one. 

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  • Are you a good communicator? As a foster parent, you’ll be in touch with a range of different professionals in the sector to further support the child. You’ll have meetings with your foster child’s biological family and help reunite the child with them. To do this, you’ll need to build up some sort of foundation of trust and understanding. Be patient with the process. Engaging with your foster child’s family in a healthy way is extremely important. You’ll also be in direct communication with doctors, lawyers and other professionals working within the sector. Be mindful that being able to converse freely with all these different people will enrich your fostering experience in a profound way.
  • Are you a warm, caring person? To be a foster parent you need to have a great deal of empathy and patience. The children that will be sent to live with you will most likely have come from very troubled backgrounds. Having the grace to deal with behavioural issues is extremely important. Try to build the child’s self-esteem and cultivate a healthy home environment. 
  • Are you able to discipline in a healthy and nurturing manner? Mastering the art of gentle, but firm discipline with your foster child is of the utmost importance. It’s imperative to evaluate whether you have the energy to deal with bad behaviour or anger as a foster carer. Asking yourself whether you have the mental capacity to deal with high levels of stress in your home is the first step before fostering. 
  • Are you adaptable to change? If you do decide to foster, please understand that there will be huge changes to your daily routine. If you’re someone that doesn’t deal well with changes, fostering may not be for you.

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