The fostering bin bag culture


Annie Shafi

There has been a growing number of cases where foster carers have been using bin bags to place children’s belonging in and we would like to remind everyone that this is a practice which is unacceptable.

This issue was raised back in 2006 to see it still happening 12 years on is shameful. Sir Menzies Campbell (former MP) said that he was shocked to have learned of this practice and the councils should be banned from packing children’s belongings in bin bags. It goes against the ethics of care and is symbolic to uncaring practice.

A recurrent issue in the lives of children in care is that of their possessions being moved from foster carer to foster carer in bin bags. There have been many campaigns to ensure that foster carers pack children’s belonging in appropriate bags or suitcases.

What incredible symbolism for young people being moved, no doubt with a certain amount of stress and anxiety, to know the things they value most are put into black bin bags,” Sir Menzies Campbell.

We Appreciate that at times children move under challenging circumstances. At such times I ask you to remember the difficult backgrounds these children come from and for the belongings to be packed in a respectful manner.

These children have nothing but their prized possessions they hold dear and as a sign of care and respect, we should be able to handle their belongings in a more sensitive and caring manner. Bin liners have been made to store rubbish and not someone’s personal prized possession it can have a detrimental impact on the child who is already suffering from a level of trauma.

So let’s use bin liners for what they are meant to be used for and suitcases for what they are meant to be used for.

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