The Launch of The Resettler Newsletter


Annie Shafi
The Launch of The Resettler Newsletter

We have finally launched our Monthly ‘The Resettler’ Newsletter. The newsletter covers a variety of topics including our mentor program, community sponsorship and updates on our work and progress. In this month’s edition the newsletter covers;

Mercy Mission Mentor

Mentor is a program dedicated to Professionals that wish to make a difference and help settle a refugee/migrant into the Great British society. Our Mentors also work with foster children to help them explore their own potential.

Our mentors will be trained to acquire the skills and understanding of the needs of migrant/refugee youth or Foster child. Mentoring is very rewarding and can help to develop your own personal and professional skills.

All our mentors will be taken through our thorough recruitment process which includes full enhanced Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) checks, training on safeguarding and training on how to be a successful mentor.

The mentor program matches the mentee (child) with a mentor in accordance with the child’s aspirations. If a child wants to become a Doctor then they get matched with a Doctor. The mentor meets with the child every month for 2 hours and holds sessions so the child can develop life skills. the purpose of this is for the child to receive support, to develop and grow so they can better settle and contribute to the Great British society.

Community Sponsorship

Home Secretary and Archbishop of Canterbury launch new scheme to encourage community groups to sponsor a refugee family. they have urged. this is a viable solution being offered by the home office to tackle the refugee crisis.

having modelled this approach from the successful implementation by the Canadian government. they have managed to resettle 300,000 refugees through this program.

This resettlement program has proven to be successful in Canada as it allows local communities to come together.  once the application has been approved the sponsored refugee would reside within the community that has sponsored him. This would allow an easier transition into resettling within the UK as the community takes full responsibility for the sponsored refugee.

Sponsoring organisations must have status as either a registered charity or community interest company, the consent of the local authority in which they wish to operate, and a comprehensive plan for resettlement in order to apply for the scheme.

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