Tips to Manage Your Time Effectively During Ramadan


Annie Shafi
Tips to Manage Your Time Effectively During Ramadan

Do you want to manage your time effectively during Ramadan but are currently struggling juggling kids, work, family and making time to increase your acts of worship during this holy month? You are not alone! Many of us struggle with our time and balancing our day during Ramadan but here are some invaluable tips to set you back on the right track:

  1. Get into a routine. You may be thinking you have heard this one before, but I cannot reiterate how important it is to create some routine when managing kids, work and free time especially during Ramadan. If you have kids, it is often helpful to get them used to a routine so they get familiarised with set bed times. Inevitably, things don’t always go to plan and there are days when the kids just don’t want to go to sleep at the time when you are having iftar. The trick is to keep persevering in establishing a routine and eventually it will all fall into place.
  1. Avoid procrastination. Honing your time and doing tasks productively during Ramadan enables you to save time and gives you more time to relax once its all done. You will feel better being on top of things and it helps to take the stress away that comes with the package of managing multiple kids!


  1. Plan meals for Ramadan. With a large family of different personalities, likes and dislikes I try to plan my iftars and sahoor meals. YouTube has become one of my best friends with the array of international and healthy recipes that I have learnt to entertain and delight the kids with at iftar. It certainly helps to bulk shop and stock up that can save trips to the grocery store. You can also plan meals ahead of the week once you get your groceries in order and this help’s to save time deciding on what you are going to eat.
  1. Make time for spiritual connection. It is important to ensure that during Ramadan you don’t let the hustle and bustle get in the way of your time spent in worship. Ensure you schedule dedicated time to improve your spiritual connection to Allah swt. You can do this by offering voluntary prayers, making dhikr or reading Qu’ran.

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