Tips to Talk to your Children about Welcoming a New Foster Child


Annie Shafi
Tips to Talk to your Children about Welcoming a New Foster Child

Do you have a family and want to welcome a new addition to your existing family by looking after a foster child? Foster children often come from vulnerable circumstances, broken homes or traumatic experiences which is why it is even more important for them to have a happy, stable and loving environment.

If you have children who are at an understanding age you may want to sit them down before your foster child comes to live with you and explain that a new member of the family will be joining you. As with any new sibling your children may react in a variety of ways.

Some children may feel happy and excited to have a new sibling but some may react in a less than pleased manner. You should discuss any concerns and fears with your existing children to allay them and ensure that they are happy when your foster child arrives.

It is important to take into consideration the feelings of your other family members when making the decision to foster a child. If one or more family members are not on board with your decision to bring a new foster child into the family home it is important to discuss their concerns.

It is not fair on a foster child coming into a home where they do not feel welcomed by any member of the family, therefore communication is vital in ensuring that your foster child feels welcomed.

You may want to explain to your own children how much you love and care for them and how sharing your love will not take away from the love you have for your own kids.

It is always important to make it clear that your foster child will be part of the family and will help to enhance the family and bring more love and prosperity. It can take time for children to settle down when a change occurs but if you communicate from the onset welcoming a new foster child will be made easier.

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