Welcome Ramadan


Annie Shafi
Welcome Ramadan

Alhamdulillah we have reached the month of Ramadan once again. Prophet Muhammad PBUH was quoted to have said;

“When the month of Ramadan arrives, the gates of mercy are opened.” Sahih Muslim

Ramadan is a month of genuine reflection on oneself, endeavouring to end up better individuals through love and great deeds. I figure we should center around endeavoring hard this Ramadan to recapture a balance on our Iman, that which our connections depend on – on the off chance that we are in a respite, I want us to get out of it and in the event that we are on a high, I want us to maintain it.

Ramadan is a month of mercy, blessing, it said to be the best month of all months. This is a month where we should really reflect on our lives and where it is heading. We are so busy in our daily routine that we forget to have time for ourselves.

Reflection can be done in many ways but the simplest and most effective way is to simply ask yourself the question at the end of your day before you retire to bed, have I been a good Muslim today? And just contemplate.

The same goes for asking yourself internal questions of you have been a good son/daughter, husband/wife, brother/sister. These questions start to make you ponder and reflect on your relationships and actions.

Once you start to have that dialogue with yourself then slowly but surely we start to look at ways on how we can be better Muslims every day, striving to be better than yesterday. We start to invest in all the relationships we have, do what we can to be the better husband/wife, son/daughter, mother/father.

So this Ramadan dont only emphasize on reading Qur’an and reading the daily prayers but also look at how you can positively affect or better impact relationships you have with people around you. Like at the time of the Prophet PBUH whenever he walked on a path he always made sure to remove litter and thorns so the people that walked the same path after him didn’t have any difficulties.

Whatever the Prophet PBUH came in contact with he always left it better than he found it, his community, the people around him and also his environment was a testament to that fact.

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