What should you know about fostering


Annie Shafi

Becoming a foster carer can be one of the biggest decisions you will ever make.  It has the ability to totally transform a vulnerable child’s life. There are a lot of rewards when it comes to fostering a child but nothing beats the contentment of providing a warm and loving home and family for a vulnerable child in need. Having said that, the task can be very daunting if you’re new to it especially if you don’t know of anyone who has fostered before.

There are many pros and cons to being a foster carer, we will highlight some of the main ones here. Being a foster carer can be very rewarding as mentioned earlier as you can be the difference in the child’s life. You can be the one providing safety and stability to the child and that’s one of the reasons foster carers carry on with fostering. The joy you see the child return to their parents calmer and happier than they had arrived is priceless.

Being a foster carer can also help shape your children’s outlook of life in a positive way. If you have children of your own, fostering can be a way for your children to understand that not all children come from a safe and stable home. This understanding can create deep compassion, tolerance, and empathy for others.

The cons to fostering can vary but some of the most common ones are when the child ends his placement, it can be very difficult to get over the child leaving due to having the child an active part of the family. There are instances where the biological parents can be a problem, foster carers dont have any involvement for the child being separated from the parents. Foster carers responsibility is to ensure the child receives the love and support of a loving family till the child’s biological parents can resolve their issues.

Some children depending on their traumatic experiences will have behavioral issues and attachment issues and understandably so. It is important to make sure you take as much information from the social worker as you can this will allow for you to be prepared for the child.

In fostering, not every child is the same and not every family is the same, in today’s blog we have tried to cover issues which we havent covered in the previous blogs. If you would like any further information or concerns please get in touch.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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