10 Ways to Make The Most of Ramadan


Annie Shafi
10 Ways to Make The Most of Ramadan

Ramadan has commenced around the world and is a time to increase worship and relish the benefits of this holy month. The current lockdown restrictions have meant that there will be no large Iftar gatherings and many mosques have cancelled large congregations for Tarawih night prayers. However, there is still many ways that you can make the most of Ramadan this year and make it a special time for all the family.


  1. Increase your Ibadah at home

 Ramadan at home means less travelling around, the kids will be at home and you can have more time to increase the amount of ibadah you are doing. You may want to structure a schedule at set times of the day to read more Qur’an and spend more time in worship with the family.


  1. Connect with family and friends

During Ramadan we often connect with family for iftars and sahur but you can still connect virtually through Skype or Zoom and other video conferencing methods. It is important to check on the wellbeing of loved ones and speak to your family and friends during this time to see how they are getting on and boost each other’s momentum during fasting hours.


  1. Help those in need

Ramadan is a time for giving and although you may not be able to get out as much as you normally would, you can still arrange food packs and deliveries to those in need. You may want to donate online to a charity of your choice or give a phone call to a vulnerable neighbour to check on their health and wellbeing.


  1. Plan your iftar and Suhur meals

 You don’t want to be scrambling around thinking about what to have for Iftar and Suhur especially during these times when we are recommended to only make 1 grocery shop a day. Therefore, try to plan your Iftar and Suhur meals and get the necessary food items so that you can prepare in advance, stay calm and enjoy these special times with the family.


  1. Make Dua

One of the best times to make dua and supplicate to Allah swt is during Ramadan. You will have more time to make dua after every prayer, whilst in Sujood and between the Adhan and Iqamah which are said to be some of the most beneficial times to make dua.


  1. Stay healthy and active

Try to stay active as much as possible. You may want to have a walk around the garden or do some light exercises at home. It is important that while you are fasting your body also gets time to move about, stretch and this can have significant benefits not only for your physical health but also for your mental wellbeing.

  1. Stay positive and trust Allah swt.

 Ramadan is a time for reflection on our deeds and actions and it is important that whilst we undergo these difficult times we also stay positive and put our trust in Allah swt. Allah swt has the infinite wisdom behind all that happens and we need to have the mindset that insha’Allah there will be better days ahead.

  1. Reconnect with the revelation of the Qur’an

The Qur’an plays an important part in our lives and especially during the holy month of Ramadan when the Qur’an was first revealed to our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Connect with the Qur’an, read its translations, learn a new surah and uplift your closeness to our one and only creator.

  1. Connect with mosques online

Despite the fact that mosques are closed for Taraweeh prayers, there are many mosques who will be streaming Taraweeh recitals and prayers and you may wish to follow it. You can also stay in touch with your local mosque for up to date news and announcements during Ramadan and on the commencement of Eid.

  1. Prioritise your health and those of others

Remember that you can make the best of Ramadan this year by following local Covid restrictions and prioritising your health and those of others who may be susceptible to the virus. Every single life is precious and we must all do our part this Ramadan to follow safety guidelines and stay at home.

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