Admin & Recruitment Officer

Saaisha Mirza

My name is Saaisha Mirza and I am the Admin and Recruitment Officer for Muslim Foster Network. I joined the organisation 7 months ago and prior to that I have been in administrative roles which have given me transferable skills which I use in my day to day operations within the business. As the Admin and Recruitment Officer I am responsible for being the first point of contact for recruiting potential foster carers, I provide them with all the relevant information they need on fostering, I record all the factual information on our CRM system, answer any questions they may have and then pass their file over to our Head of Recruitment to review. In addition to this, I also carry out all the administrative duties, and offer support to our CEO as well as our Head of Operations on a day-to-day basis. I am also the main lead person who takes care of the planning, and distribution of the Ramadan & Eid ul Adha gift boxes for Muslim children and young people living with non-Muslim Foster Carers in England. I also manage all our Social Media platforms. This is just an overview of some of the duties I do as Admin and Recruitment Officer, and I continue to contribute to sectors of the business when needed in addition to my role heading up to the admin and recruitment.