How To Help Your Foster Child Settle In.


Maariyah Ali
How To Help Your Foster Child Settle In.
  1. Be Patient. Every child is different, and the amount of time it takes for a child to adjust to their surroundings is completely unique. Be mindful of the fact that your foster child will have gone through distressing circumstances before being placed with you and try to be understanding if they act up. If a child has gone from home to home, they might take longer to settle in. Make sure to reassure the child as often as you can that you’ll do what you can to make them feel comfortable. 
  2. Routine Is A Must. Developing a routine and set of rules early on in their stay will help to create a sense of normality. Communicate freely with them about how you’d like things to operate in your home – but don’t be forceful. Creating a peaceful and structured home routine will be highly beneficial for your foster child. 
  3. Be Approachable. Are you a friendly person by nature? Do you have a warm and inviting aura? When your foster child arrives at your home, greet them with a smile. If your foster child is young, meet them at eye level to talk to them so you don’t seem so intimidating. Your foster child will likely be nervous, do your best to make them feel at ease.
  4. Give Them Space. Create a space for them that they can call their own (most likely their own bedroom.) Allow them to hang up posters and decorate their room as they see fit. It’s so important to offer your foster child privacy and space. 
  5. Help Them Unpack. If they allow you to, help them unpack and hang up their clothes with them. Let them know that you’re happy they’re there. 
  6. Allow Them to Pick Out Family Activities. Giving them a choice in what you do together as a family will help make them feel included – and that their voice matters.

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