Providing a Future of Stability for Foster Children


Annie Shafi
Providing a Future of Stability for Foster Children

Fostering enables individuals to provide stability which is what foster children truly deserve.

Many children coming into foster care have been sent from their local authority and removed from their family homes due to various reasons.

These reasons include and are not limited to, being exposed to domestic violence, verbal or physical abuse, neglect, poverty or death of their biological parents, with no other carer available to look after them. As a consequence, children may be left traumatised, emotionally affected and in need of support and a safe environment to be brought up in.

Fostering enables exceptional individuals to provide the much-needed support to a child in need. Stability and safety go hand and hand and is key in enabling a foster child to grow in confidence, feel loved and nurture their talents to further excel in life.

Every child deserves to have a safe and stable home and foster parents have the opportunity to provide that home to a child and transform their life for the better.

Foster caring placements may last for a day, a few months or even many years. Many children may return home to their families if the situation improves, but others may receive continued long term fostering that enables you to build a long lasting relationship with the child and again reinforces the idea of supporting and sustaining a stable environment for the child.

The role of a foster carer is one that provides love, support and a safe and happy environment for a child or young person.

Foster carers not only have a legal responsibility to look after a child placed in their care but they also have a respected authority in opening up their heart and homes to make a positive impact on a child.

Fostering is a life changing experience that can be rewarding, challenging and empowering. You have the ability to provide for a child through fostering and leave a legacy of kindness, generosity and support.

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