The importance of weekly diary/log


Annie Shafi

Following a conversation with a social worker thought it would be good to share it would you. Talking to the social worker, she had emphasised the importance of keeping a weekly diary/log, documenting significant events that might take place. There is a few reasons for this firstly the social worker knows what is happening with the placement. Secondly  this is also a way of protecting the carer of unfounded allegations.

A good example would be if you took the child out to bowling or cinema and then for a meal after, it would be something you should log down so social worker is aware of the activity, this also allows for the social worker to have a better understanding of how the placement is progressing and also shows family bonding.

Now going back to unfounded allegations, this is a very serious matter and should be considered seriously. This is an issue which is dealt with by social workers, but there has been times where the child has complained about the foster carer because they are strict on the times the child can play on the ps4 etc. Now these are the types of unfounded allegations considering you go about it the appropriate way.

The social workers encourage the child to do different activities instead of having the child play game all day event though it might be best for the carer having the child occupied by game for long periods of time.

On another note a diary can also be utilised in jotting down landmarks and can be used like a scrapbook to create memories as a family together.

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